WIP – Female Shiva Pregnant Cyborg – 3rd Phase

Well, it’s close to being done but I really want to move on. There’s still a lot that needs to be done to make her look more interesting and cool, conceptually. So right now I’m not sure if I’ll spend another day on it…but probably will. I made her arms more redish brown and really made it more saturated. Hopefully I didn’t over do it. I just want that burning color.  And damn, I need to fix her left breast.  In my sketch, she’s not suppose to be that big.




WIP – Female Shiva Pregnant Cyborg – 2nd Phase

Bah!  Can get the right idea in executing a good painting of a hologram.  I think I got the psychedelic feel from it though but not sure if those arms are too “out of place” by it’s color.  I do want a really warm/hot color in there to contrast from the blue but i wonder if it’s not flowing well…I’ll still play around with it but in the mean time I want to get this done because there’s so much I want to do and so little time. Try the same hologram on her hair but that looked like crap so I’m changing that idea.



An updated sketch and “final concept”. Not going to do any more painting/sketch of her. Maybe pencil sketches, but I’m moving into 3D on her as the next phase (when I find the time). Probably going to maker here hair blond or a gradients of dark brown to blond to maybe pink for the edges of the hair with maybe purple. At the same time, color on her body. Something that’ll make her more interesting than something so mono/desaturated. It’s too boring right now. On the gun, this is the most interesting gun I’ve every designed. I really like the silhouette. The flow is a bit broken for the “handle” in the front, but I want some thing there so she can hold it with two hands as well. Big inspiration from Resident Evil 4 sub-machine gun. I was going for strong hot chic that looks pretty but is a serious tom-boy and a bad-ass. Someone who will taunt you during a baseball game and make you have the hots for her (whatever that means).



These are some quick sketches (20-40 minute sketches) of first attempt at this project I’m doing. It was for a friend’s mod, but the team “disbanded”, lost their interest, blah blah blah. Nothing new. It’s like back in high school when me and a buddy of mine tries to start a band. Lasts for one and a half practices and people just loose interest. A lot of dreamers but no dedication. O well. That’s life. Any who, these are also studies of the female anatomy and trying to get used to “sketching” on the tablet. I like the tablet in the painting/texturing phase, but sketching is so hard for me. I can’t make the right strokes of curves, straight lines especially, size of brush, so on and on. I might just sketch it out in pencil first, scan it and just paint over that instead in the future because I can get my proportions, gestures, and designs down a lot easier than on a tablet. Like 10 minutes with pencil compared to 40 minutes to an hour for a sketch and design. Like the one’s shown here. If it’s a creature, it’s another story. I just make it up as I go, nothing needs to be that “accurate” in a sense. At the same time, I’m probably just too new at this and needs to take my time and be patient and just have fun with it instead of how fast I can do it, blah blah blah. I’m just getting a bit frustrated. It’s my learning process. But never give up, never surrender!