These are some quick sketches (20-40 minute sketches) of first attempt at this project I’m doing. It was for a friend’s mod, but the team “disbanded”, lost their interest, blah blah blah. Nothing new. It’s like back in high school when me and a buddy of mine tries to start a band. Lasts for one and a half practices and people just loose interest. A lot of dreamers but no dedication. O well. That’s life. Any who, these are also studies of the female anatomy and trying to get used to “sketching” on the tablet. I like the tablet in the painting/texturing phase, but sketching is so hard for me. I can’t make the right strokes of curves, straight lines especially, size of brush, so on and on. I might just sketch it out in pencil first, scan it and just paint over that instead in the future because I can get my proportions, gestures, and designs down a lot easier than on a tablet. Like 10 minutes with pencil compared to 40 minutes to an hour for a sketch and design. Like the one’s shown here. If it’s a creature, it’s another story. I just make it up as I go, nothing needs to be that “accurate” in a sense. At the same time, I’m probably just too new at this and needs to take my time and be patient and just have fun with it instead of how fast I can do it, blah blah blah. I’m just getting a bit frustrated. It’s my learning process. But never give up, never surrender!


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