An updated sketch and “final concept”. Not going to do any more painting/sketch of her. Maybe pencil sketches, but I’m moving into 3D on her as the next phase (when I find the time). Probably going to maker here hair blond or a gradients of dark brown to blond to maybe pink for the edges of the hair with maybe purple. At the same time, color on her body. Something that’ll make her more interesting than something so mono/desaturated. It’s too boring right now. On the gun, this is the most interesting gun I’ve every designed. I really like the silhouette. The flow is a bit broken for the “handle” in the front, but I want some thing there so she can hold it with two hands as well. Big inspiration from Resident Evil 4 sub-machine gun. I was going for strong hot chic that looks pretty but is a serious tom-boy and a bad-ass. Someone who will taunt you during a baseball game and make you have the hots for her (whatever that means).



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