WIP – Female Shiva Pregnant Cyborg – 2nd Phase

Bah!  Can get the right idea in executing a good painting of a hologram.  I think I got the psychedelic feel from it though but not sure if those arms are too “out of place” by it’s color.  I do want a really warm/hot color in there to contrast from the blue but i wonder if it’s not flowing well…I’ll still play around with it but in the mean time I want to get this done because there’s so much I want to do and so little time. Try the same hologram on her hair but that looked like crap so I’m changing that idea.



3 responses to “WIP – Female Shiva Pregnant Cyborg – 2nd Phase

  1. 😀 HI CHU!

    I dropped by to say that this concept is bitchin, then again I always have a thing for multiarmed-cyborg-chicks.

    Hope you’re doing well. Drop me a line sometime! Ive been havin issues with my phone. We need to get a mad sketch fest going sometimes soon!

  2. Bigger then better, very nice.
    Didn’t you say you want her arms, transparent, like glowing?
    Or like transparent plastic or glass like? Very awesome work!

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