sketch break

Sketching to take a break and relax.  Usually from computer work.



Zombie Head

Just did another quicky/experimental one. I got the rotting of the flesh in there but i don’t like the color choices too much. I need to practice more. But this is something of a tribute to all the great zombie movies (and video games) out there; from Night of the Living dead to Shawn of the Dead to 28 Days Later, and even the Resident Evil Trilogies. When I paint these things I really need to get more reference because I don’t have internet on my computer at home. Which is at the same time a good thing because I don’t like the idea of looking at other artists’ approach, it can really influence me and my work in a way that doesn’t completely say it’s mine (as much as possible)…I hope that that makes some sense… I might re-do or touch him up it later down the road, just to give it more drama and making him more pale and whatnot.

zombie_head_grey.jpg zombie_head.jpg

WIP – Female Shiva Pregnant Cyborg – 4th Phase

Bah! I’ll get back to this one in the future…most likely. I want to move on. Only spent a little bit more time on it before I left it at where it is now. Haven’t been practicing as much as i want to lately because I’ve been trying to find an apartment with a decent price with a good size to it, and will take cats because my girl friend has a cat…an outdoor one…so hopefully I’ll find one that’s on the first floor. Bah! So many things to do. I was planning on putting up something from last night’s sketch but it didn’t go well so I’m not going to post it. On this chic, i just fixed her boob a bit (still need some more work), added that circle (in which i want symbols in it or on it), and did a few little things. Like I said, I’ll probably go back to it in the future.