Zombie Head

Just did another quicky/experimental one. I got the rotting of the flesh in there but i don’t like the color choices too much. I need to practice more. But this is something of a tribute to all the great zombie movies (and video games) out there; from Night of the Living dead to Shawn of the Dead to 28 Days Later, and even the Resident Evil Trilogies. When I paint these things I really need to get more reference because I don’t have internet on my computer at home. Which is at the same time a good thing because I don’t like the idea of looking at other artists’ approach, it can really influence me and my work in a way that doesn’t completely say it’s mine (as much as possible)…I hope that that makes some sense… I might re-do or touch him up it later down the road, just to give it more drama and making him more pale and whatnot.

zombie_head_grey.jpg zombie_head.jpg

5 responses to “Zombie Head

  1. Very creepy, ma man, but it has a living quality to it. To me.. zombies are dead.. dead dead dead. So i’d say make him expressionless. He looks angry. He’s expression reads off as Vampire, or “infected”.. which you did mention a tribute to 28 day later, but still i’m reading it off as vampire. Anyway, besides that, art-wise/style-wise/technique-wise, it’s grrrreeat! no complaint! i like the reds and the grainyness of the skin. Slick. Keep up the good work. (ps- sorry about the bad spelling…)

  2. Poor kid! He probably worked at Game Stop or Game Crazy or something before he was “turned”. He’s got the bowl-type cut and everything.

    Awesome! I REALLY like the scratchy highlights around the jaw bone. I guess he could come off as a vampire. I guess you’d just need to see how fast he runs… of course zombies these days run like the wind.

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