I’ll do different versions of this creature.  This one is definitely not where I would like it to be.




Practicing the ladies

Sigh…still learning the female body…since i hit puberty. I think I’m getting somewhere. Did two others before this and ending up hating them. One of them had pretty decent coloring/painting but the anatomy (mainly the breasts) did not look right. The other I tried to do too much and just f*cked it up. Which is also the one where i painted from a reference. I can’t draw/paint from reference very well when it comes to being creative at the same time with the piece…I think. Don’t know why. I can do figure drawing though, but with a pencil. I think I’m just more used to the pencil still because a simple pencil sketch still takes 4-5 times less than trying to do it on the computer. Maybe I need a bigger wacom because it is easier to do it at work than here at home (work 11×9 if not bigger; home; 5×3). I think I’m steadily getting better. Hopefully. Trying to be optimistic here.

On this piece I stuck with b/w because I wanted to concentrate more on the figure and not be distracted by other things. I did this one with a different approach and that is not to care too much about the line work on the sketch part of it too much and fix what looks wrong later. That’s why there are some “crooked” areas.  Boobs needs a lot of work. Also, originally she was naked but it was just boring. So I gave her a toga and a “tribal” hair-do with some kind of fancy jewelry. Oh, and a weird knife.


This one is not one of my favorite but it’s interesting enough for me to post it. I think the torso area is just too small. Man, I got to practice some more.


Vampire creature

Learned a lot on this one because my friend, Priscilla Firstenberg, helped me out with this. She called my style but for me it’s more like “how come it looks like crap?” or “What do I need to do to make it look better?” She showed me and explained to me and HOLY SH*T!!! She’s a genius (you happy, prisky!?!) So here it is. Can anyone see what makes it different from my other paintings? I can but I still needs to get better and practice practice practice. Especially backgrounds. was going to paint an actual scene but…failed… I’m such an amateur.




Practicing painting and painting girls. Girls are something I’m not very familiar with. So I got to do more and got to make them prettier/sexy. So don’t be surprised if I’m posting a whole bunch of female paintings from now or if I’m not. I really need to just start painting from reference to learn how things work instead of just painting out of my head. I need to learn more about lighting and color and how lighting effects color. Stuff like that. And various others.



Did a quick sketch of the warrior. I wanted to do this the whole week, but I lost a lot of that drive when I finally got the time. I think I’m getting sick because I was really aching, my whole body, yesterday. Got better today. But here it is. I was going to color him but…I’m moving on. And still need to get better at drawing/painting out a real believable and “sexy” back. Male and female.


Also, I did some small relatively 2-5 minute quick sketches before I went to sleep sometime during this week mainly because I haven’t done anything lately.