Astro Wilson – Final

Well, here it is. These are the entries that I threw into the Wii Comp on Game Artisan’s. Re-did the main concept but it didn’t look as good as the original to me so I just polished a bit of the original. This was fun and challenging. On the model sheets, the white background is what I turned in for the comp. The grey background is what I wanted but they want 800 x 900 res of the image and I threw it together real quick and ended up liking the solid silhuette of the b/w one. But I like the grey one because of the glass helmet. Game Artisan’s also wanted initial sketches and there were pretty much it before I started on the concept painting.







One response to “Astro Wilson – Final

  1. Awesome! Hurray for Chu! I seriously believe, if not first place, you’d definately get second place. In one way or another, you HAVE to be one of the top 3. I would bet money on that… i’ll bet you a Wii on that. 😉

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