Practicing – High Poly Sculpting – Update

This was fun. Didn’t really do much. Didn’t really have a plan. Just wanted to relearn some tools and how I did things before. Did this pretty fast…I think. Wasn’t timing myself or anything. My biggest concern is getting things to look good and, at the same time, do it quickly (as possible). The first part is the most important though. Still a student.

I forgot how annoying Zbrush’s perspective view is so messed up; make things distorted. If there’s a way to adjust that, I need to find it. Because I imported the OBJ and threw it into Maya, and damn, his nose looks hella small from the side view and other things looks way off from what I wanted (it’s very likely it’s just me and didn’t notice it till later). I’ll learn Mudbox soon. Seems like people do the general high poly stuff in Mudbox first, then more extreme detail in Zbrush. That’s my assessment from looking at people’s work who’ve talked about their process of going from Mudbox to Zbrush.