Astro Wilson: in 3D!!!

Here’s a quick sketch I did to get this project going.  He looks more of a sleez bag jerk than the original “cute” one.  I’ve already started to build him in 3d and I’m going more of what the original design looks like.  I also redesigned the “Astro-Gun” as well.  I really like the feel of it…but…I hope the design of the rocket-pack will be as retro and flashy.  I’ll look into Flash Gordon and Marvin the Martian or whatever for reference…or just go with what I have in my head.


Creature…another green one

Practicing as usual. Next one won’t be green. Prisicilla will be helping me out with learning colors. She already wrote me some “assignments”. I’ll explain later. Tried to put some water patterns on the top area but it didn’t go so well. I’ll try it again down the road.


Well, I’ve decided to maybe squeeze in a bit of painting practice time in my lunch at work. So here’s the second one of two. First one really blew. Didn’t like it at all. I got inspired by Malcolm T. Liepke (a.k.a. Skip). Man is he great. Love his stuff. I love the paint stroke paintings. Still not comfortable enough to just do that. Maybe soon. Just need to practice some more. Especially color and female anatomy. And dang, she looks weird without a neck and her corner of her mouth are weird.  Dang it!!!

O yea. Update on DW3. Well, obviously I didn’t finish. It was a bad idea doing two characters all at once. Got burnt out. I’ll be getting on that train again soon to finish things up.

Update – DWAR3 – WIP

Well, wish I have more time but I wasted too much in the conceptual stage. So I got to move on to baking normals and start on texturing soon if I want to finish in time. Even if I don’t, I’ll still finish it as much as possible before telling myself to move on. I still need to sculpt a few more things, but they’re small things so they’ll be quick. Speaking of quick, I think this is the quickest sculpt I’ve ever done. The girl took freaking forever (probably a full 4 to 5 work days {8 too 10 hours}), but the beast only took a bit less than 2 work days. But it is just a creature. I always think ugly things (creature mainly) are easiest to make because the more ugly things you’re adding to it, the cooler it looks. Though the beast is not done in my book, I’m hoping I can make it up in the texture phase. I hope. DWAR3 will be done by next Friday (Easter time), so it’ll be Thursday for me really.