Astro Wilson Update…kind of WIP still

Here’s the current progress. Still needs tweaking in shader and mesh. Apparently there’s shadows from the low poly mesh mixed in with the normal map and his face is really low poly so there’s some weird blotches of shadows. Shaders needs tweaking too, especially the skin. Love the specularity power of the Unreal Engine (though I did over do it…I got too excited). Special thanks to Jeremy Estrellado for giving me a great in depth intro of the engine. Plus I updated my website. I need to get better and fast. Feel slow in progress.


Astro Wilson in 3D!!! – WIP

Some progress.  Trying to texture “next gen” instead of just texturing every information as if it’s “last gen” (I hope that makes sense).  So it was kind of weird trying to paint the rockets and will try to rely on the specular map for it.  I am nervous about me failing horribly with the shaders in mind as well.  Jeremy E. offers to help me out with learning the Unreal Engine too.  What a great guy he is.  I’m excited and nervous about learning something so advanced.