Butcher – WIP

Need a lot of anatomy fixes and few other things. Taking my time with this one to learn as much as possible . Check out my website. I’ve been updating it with 2d character designs and added some old stuff that I’ve been meaning to for a while. **Right click and show picture to see the images in it’s normal size.


The Butcher

Gothic butcher guy.  I’m done with Astro Wilson for now mainly because I learned a lot and am eager to try everything I learned and something different and at the same time I want to improve on the foundation of things then constantly tweaking technical side of “next gen”.  On this sculpt, I’m going to try to sculpt mesh to look more fleshy.  Gotta push myself more in general to try different things, to let loose and just be creative while understanding exactly what I want and what I’m trying to portray.