Getting back on track…

Here’s a small update on the Butcher.  Finally got back on it.  Baked normals and Ambient Occ. maps with an extra light map with it to texture with.  Might jump off of it real quick again to work on another GA mini-comp (Fantasy Olympics).  Tried a different approach with texturing compared to Astro Wilson and that is to rely more on texturing itself and it’s looking a lot better already.


2 responses to “Getting back on track…

  1. Dude, looks awesome as always.
    His scars remind me of Captain Benjamin Diamio from the B.P.R.D. series, but way cooler.

    How did you hear i was at PAX??? crazy
    Had i kown you were gonna be there i woulda yelled out for you!
    Chu! CHIU!!
    like that.

    anyways, yah, hope all is well with you brutha

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