for fun…

Did a quick creature color and lighting on a sketch i did for a possible zbrush creature I might do.



9 responses to “for fun…

  1. Thanks man! They just contacted me out of the blue. Coolness.

    And that is a sweet monster sketch you got going on there. Your creatures always have muscles in places that make them look so real.


  2. oh my god !
    when i see your works ~
    i think you work many years.
    then i see your resume you are younger then me one year.

    your skill really amaze me .

    i am Taiwanese live in taipei.

    Could i have your msn ?

    i really have a lot quetion hope can ask you~

    my msn is

    ^^” my english is not good. So if my post not good

    please forgive me ^^”

  3. ><
    i have approve that.
    but msn didn’t add you ^^"

    can you add me again ^^"

    i am sorry for the distress

  4. Nice.

    Although, it kind of scares me… which may be what you want.

    Awesome and icky all rolled up into one.

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