2nd update:

Ok, haven’t forgotten the W vs. H comic idea.  Still sketching and experimenting with approach and style.  But here’s another sketch(es) that I’m working on.  It was going to be just a werewolf sketch (because I freaking love old school monsters and the remake of The Wolf Man is coming out) but then I thought why not do a series of characters.   So I’m doing the red riding hood characters.  Only four characters so I shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing it…as easily distracted as I am… anyways, the werewolf’s color was a quick add to see what works and what works better.  Still WIP.  Majorly on the Red and WWolf’s left arm.  Really trying to understand the female anatomy more.  It’s stylized but I hope it’s not  an “unintentional style” where it’s just all wrong…hope that last bit makes sense.

some old heads…i love the biker/western dude…


4 responses to “stuff…

  1. dam, u got ahead of me. i was thinking to work on wolf man too. i may still do it, but in zbrush. and would probably go see the movie first.
    nice works chu, your stuffs are always inspiring.

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