Zombie Survivor (WIP), sketches, and some Guild Wars 2 work

New project(s).  To study cloth/wrinkle and anatomy, style exploration, and just trying to get better at drawing in general.  Wanted to put more time into illustrating, but now it’s 3d turn.  I will eventually get on the 2d train when i get a new monitor at home, whenever that is.

This is the first zombie survivor.  Going to give him an open shirt too with rolled up sleeves, and a lot of other stuff that  you see in the sketch underneath the first image.  His ethnicity was a last second change in design before I started doing the face.  I ended up really liking how his face turned out.  But I didn’t show a good front, close-up shot of his face.  The shirt and the pants needs major editing in wrinkles and coordination.  Learning so much and getting results.  I’m happy with myself.  Haha.  I also still have plans for my previous entrees as well.  They will be worked on some more down the road.  Had a quick pass on the round creature.

Some Guild Wars 2 screens.  The wurm was made over a year ago.  It was one of my first normal mapped characters.  I remember having a hard time trying to learn how specular maps work.  The animators, special effects, and cinematic teams made it look so damn badass.   Major major props to them, because 90% of the badassness of that wurm in this video was all from them.  The sweet Logan Thackeray armor, that the wurm is spitting on, on the right screen of the two, is made by Hai Phan.

I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the red glowy thingy at the time so just concentrate on the armor since that’s the only part I worked on (besides the Charr’s horn and his beard variation and gnarly teeth).  Game is obviously still in WIP so nothing is final.  More screens will be added to this page later when I get a chance.  There’s a few more shots in the video I need to grab.  Pretty proud of this Charr Armor.

…on another note: my website is broken, well the images are broken.  It’ll be fixed the next time I update it.  Which is after I actually finish a good amount of new projects and not just have a whole bunch WIP works.  haha.


5 responses to “Zombie Survivor (WIP), sketches, and some Guild Wars 2 work

  1. it’s nice to see what u done for the GW2. i really like the direction u going with the survivor. u gonna finish it this time 😛

    • Thanks, Gary. I’m back into my boxes of old school comics. Major influence from them and current ones. Joe Mad is of course in the mis. My first American comics was Dead Pool, when he drew it back in 92 when I first entered this country. Picked it up at the airport.

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