Camano Island

Went on the 3rd, before Independence Day, to avoid as much other visitors as possible so we can enjoy nature to the fullest.  Had fun with the camera Mom gave me years back.  Little pocket one, but I tried my best trying to take what I see.  Very useful camera though (Thanks Mom!), but one day, I’ll have the camera and lenses I need for the angles and wider ranges of view I want and colors, THE COLORS!!!  But it’s an expensive hobby I’m not ready to pick up just yet.  Haha.

from 2008 at Ocean Shores (Western Washington)


5 responses to “Camano Island

    • Thank you for checking out my blog. I actually don’t have that camera anymore, it has a great macro setting that I had a lot of fun with. It’s a small handheld 2007 or 2008 Samsung model that my Mom gave me after she got a new one (she originally bought it at Costco). And I gave it to my sister, when her’s broke, about 2 years ago. Sorry I couldn’t help much.

      Love your stuff. Sweet ship designs and hilarious Jabba the Hutt sketch. Keep it up yo!

      • I’ll ask my mom when I can and send another reply if I find out exactly what model it is. It is a sweet camera and I would like to use it again.

    • Those are great photos on your photolink. Great references too to study from. It is bookmarked for sure. I found out that it was a Canon camera and that is all I can find out about it. And yes, I am currently at Arena. I’m on the environment team as of this moment.

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