More Guild Wars 2…

Old stuff.  The Chubby Golem was actually my first time hearing about CrazyBump.  The Wurm, was the first time I got a real good explanation on what specularity map is for and how to use it from my old team mate, Barry Sundt.  One of the best creatures artist out there.  These were the first models I did when I first started.  My very first model here…well maybe the first 2 or 3 models I did here are just too terrible to show.  I want to fix some things especially with the wurm.  Teeth are suppose to be “black” but I’m not in that department anymore.  I’ll have to ask one of my buddies to do it for me.  If you guys and gals (if there’s actually people reading this shit) ever get the game, man, look at how that wurm moves so freaking awesome and how it’s teeth vibrates in mid scream.  So cool.  Got to love animators, they can make crappy characters look a billion times cooler just by adding motion and personality.

The red version of the Fierce Golem, was done by Fan.  Another great artist…I need to find her link somewhere…


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