Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

I was coincidentally rendering out a portrait of Leonard Nimoy’s most iconic character Spock and his well known “Spock Love” gesture.



Inktober 2014

Did 24 ink on paper out of the whole month with a bit of water color and a little “shading” with photoshop.  I colored one up in Photoshop to help with studying color.  It was more fun than expected and learned a lot.

inktober2014_01 inktober2014_02 inktober2014_04 inktober2014_05 inktober2014_06 inktober2014_07 inktober2014_08inktober2014_11 inktober2014_12 inktober2014_13 inktober2014_14 inktober2014_15 inktober2014_16 inktober2014_17 inktober2014_18 inktober2014_21 inktober2014_22 inktober2014_23 inktober2014_24