Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

I was coincidentally rendering out a portrait of Leonard Nimoy’s most iconic character Spock and his well known “Spock Love” gesture.



Inktober 2014

Did 24 ink on paper out of the whole month with a bit of water color and a little “shading” with photoshop.  I colored one up in Photoshop to help with studying color.  It was more fun than expected and learned a lot.

inktober2014_01 inktober2014_02 inktober2014_04 inktober2014_05 inktober2014_06 inktober2014_07 inktober2014_08inktober2014_11 inktober2014_12 inktober2014_13 inktober2014_14 inktober2014_15 inktober2014_16 inktober2014_17 inktober2014_18 inktober2014_21 inktober2014_22 inktober2014_23 inktober2014_24

Charr Armor: Rytlock update

Been a while since I’ve done anything worth posting.  But here’s an update of the Rytlock/Charr armor, with the newer shaders, for Guild Wars 2.  It’s one of my favorite things I’ve made on GW2.  It’s been 3 years actually when it was made.  My how time flies.  Still some serious texture resolution problems but it’s not in my hands anymore.  Designed by the awesome Kekai Kotaki.  More updates as we get closer to launch day.



Here’s a lion/creature study.  Very much influenced by Island of Dr. Moreau and a bit from Thundercats and some anime video game i can’t remember the name of.  He’s missing his sword, axe, and clothe “cape” that goes with his armor set.


posed him up real quickly so I didn’t fix much of the anatomy.  Just messing with the figure (though he looks more like a baboon and will have to fix that…one day):

study study study

Been mostly drawing and studying anatomy, fabric, shading and what nots.  Here’s a small peak, hopefully I’ll post up more of my inking studies too.  These guys were done on little yellow notepads.  Mom sent pictures of animals published by National Geographic.   Nature is so beautiful and interesting.

Some recent sketches/ink practice from when I was visiting Mom in Taiwan for a few weeks.  I hugged her a lot and ate a lot of home style delicious food from her and from all over and every corner.  So deep in culture and that itself has itself a community it seems like.  Love it.  Can’t wait to go back especially to see Mom again.  I should post the pictures somewhere to show what me and my wife did.  Also some old sketches in the mix: