Beholder process

Here’s one of my process I tend to use.  I love sketching with a pencil on paper still. I even feel I get design ideas out more quickly this way, but I still change designs in photoshop if I have ideas that will help boost the design.  Then I paint black and white to clarify the read of the overall design, composition and feel.  Then I do a “quick” color pass and add “sparkles”.  I didn’t do much paint over after that besides the teeth and little here and there.  Then I go over it with clean up.  I also have a Cockatrice study sketch.  I was going for more Rooster approach.  But I didn’t like them enough to move forward from pencil studies.


GW2 weapons

Been over or almost 3 years since I made these.  Here’s some last assets I made on the Environment team for GW2 before I moved on from Anet. I got the chance to design these weapons and make them into 3d (except for the Chinese Dragon Cannon’s head).  I’m not sure what happened to the design sheets though.  I’m also pretty sure that not everyone one of these went into the game.  Especially the torture themed staff and the steel knuckle axe.  My personal favorite is the Sylvari long range rifle.  I usually don’t get use use variations of color in my 3d work.  Hence why I started to digital paint more so my eyes gets more used to looking at and using color in whatever medium.

sylvarilongbarrelBugtemp dragoncannon  Ripper RipperZB  staffoftorment staffoftormentZB  scimatarGeoHeavySword

Charr Armor: Rytlock update

Been a while since I’ve done anything worth posting.  But here’s an update of the Rytlock/Charr armor, with the newer shaders, for Guild Wars 2.  It’s one of my favorite things I’ve made on GW2.  It’s been 3 years actually when it was made.  My how time flies.  Still some serious texture resolution problems but it’s not in my hands anymore.  Designed by the awesome Kekai Kotaki.  More updates as we get closer to launch day.